Create an NFT website

You can create a Minting website in 1 minute by choosing a template and editing the content.

πŸ”₯ Use Cases

  • Create a Minting website

  • Create a Landing page

  • Create NFT Gated website

πŸ–ΌοΈ 1. Choose a template

Go to Tools > NFT Website and click the button + Create NFT Website

Choose a pre-built template from the gallery or choose Create a blank website if you want to start from scratch. For example, we will choose the Mintu template.

βš™οΈ Backend website details

Here you can fill in the general settings and details of your website. Such as:

  • Add custom script code

  • NFT Contract details

  • Choose default font

  • Choose default website colors

  • Add SEO title and Meta description

  • Enable NFT Gateway

  • Enable Marketplace

You can also Publish the website from there.

🌍 Custom Domain

You can use our Free subdomain and change this subdomain to a custom name. It’s also possible to connect a custom domain you own, for example, By connecting the A-record, Cname, or Nameserver.

πŸ“‘ Smart Contract details for NFT integration

In case you want to use the NFT integration you need to fill in the smart contract details. To use the NFT integrations like:

  • Mint function

  • NFT Gateway

  • Marketplace

  • NFT Gallery

  • or other integration

In case you first want to design your website you can add your Smart Contract later.

🎨 Visual editor

Now click on the Visual editor to edit your template visual. You can now easily visually edit the page to your personal preference.

  • Add pre-built page elements

  • Edit Page elements

  • Change the order of page elements

  • Edit colors, text, and images easily

  • Add Minting button

  • And a lot more

When you are satisfied you can Save the Change on the bottom button.

For more information about the Visual editor read the document Get started with the Visual editor.

πŸ“„ Add pages

You can add more pages, for example, your Minting page, NFT Gateway for premium content, or just a contact page. Press on the Top New page and fill in the name and URL.

You can then repeat the steps above. Create a page from a template or start blank.

πŸ”— Connect your Smart Contract

Connect your Smart Contract by adding your ABI code to the settings. Now you can interact with your NFT Collection using the features:

  • Mint button

  • NFT Gateway

  • Marketplace

Want to add a Minting function? read this documentation Create a Mint button

πŸš€ And your website is live!

Now you are ready to promote your website. You can visit the website from your Live URL, which you can find in your Backend Dashboard on the top right. Don’t forget to publish the website from the Dashboard.

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