Sell NFTs on a Marketplace

How to sell your deployed NFT collection on a Marketplace, in this example we use Opensea.

🎨 1. Create an NFT Collection

First, you need to Create an NFT collection. Check the docs here below.

📝 2. Deploy Smart Contract

Once you have your NFT images ready, you can proceed with deploying a Smart Contract. Check the docs here below.

🔓 3. Mint NFTs to your contract

To sell your NFTs on a Marketplace, you must first Claim / Mint the NFTs you want to sell.

  1. When you choose the NFT Collection Contract, all the NFTs are minted already. You can proceed with step 4.

  2. When you create an NFT Drop Contract and want to skip the part of Minting on your own website, then you first need to claim the NFTs you wish to sell on a marketplace such as the Open Sea. Read below how to claim your NFTs.

đŸ’ŗ Claim NFTs from NFT Drop contract

  1. Open the Smart Contract creator

  2. Head to the tab NFTs

  3. Press the button to Claim

  4. Add the address where you want to claim and the quantity.

👨đŸŧ‍đŸ’ģ 4. Sign in Marketplace

Now you have 2 options:

  1. Sell NFTs on your Marketplace with iMintify Marketplace builder option 1.

  2. Sell your NFTs on other Marketplaces, such as Open Sea. You can proceed with option 2.

Option 1: Sell on your own Marketplace

Start Creating a Marketplace, and you can launch a Marketplace on your own Domain name.

Option 2: Sell on other Marketplaces

  1. Sign in with the wallet you Claimed/ Minted the NFTs

  2. Choose NFT Collection from your connected wallet

  3. Configure your Marketplace with all the info you want to share

🚀 5. Start selling

You can now start promoting and selling your NFTs on a Marketplace.

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