Split Contract

The Split contract enables you to designate multiple wallet addresses as recipients for revenue or royalty splits.

🔥 Use Cases & examples

  • Use as a team wallet, distributing funds among team members according to given percentages.

  • Share revenue from your primary NFT drop among participants.

  • Share revenue from royalty sales among team members, including artists.

🙅 Creating a Split Contract

The Split Contract is enabled by default when you create a Smart Contract on our platform with the NFT Creator app. Add your recipients addresses and deploy the smart contract. If you have already deployed your contract on our platform, you can add them under advanced settings.

  • Add multiple Royalities recipient wallet addresses.

  • Add multiple Primary Sales recipients wallet addresses.

👥 View Recipients

On the Dashboard of the Smart Contract tab, Advanced, under the smart contract options, you can view the current recipients as above.

💲View Balance

On the Dashboard of the Smart Contract tab, you can view the current balances.

🔘 Distribute Funds

You can distribute the funds on the Smart Contract tab's Dashboard.

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