Claim conditions

Claim Conditions refer to the regulations that determine both eligibility criteria and the maximum allowable claim amount and you can set Claim Conditions for each phase you Drop.

⬇️ Set Claim Conditions​


Signature Drop does not have multiple claim phases. If you'd prefer to have multiple claim phases as part of a Drop, we recommend using the NFT Drop contract.




Anyone can claim during the phase.


Only specified addresses can claim.

public with overrides

Anyone can claim bbut you can specify rules for specific addresses.


Allow only the admin wallets to claim, at no cost.


No preset.

➕ Add Claim Conditions​

To add a new claim phase:

  1. Click the Add Phase button.

  2. Select your desired preset.

  3. Fill in the required fields:

    • Phase name

    • Start date

    • Number of NFTs in the phase

    • Number of NFTs that can be claimed per wallet

    • The cost per NFT & currency

  4. Click Save Phrase to create the claim phase. This will trigger a transaction to sign.

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