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Generate an NFT Collection

You need your NFT Art ready before you can Generate a collection. You can use our Demo collection to test our Generator.
Monkey iMintify

⬆️ Upload your collection

Drag and Drop your complete folder into our NFT Generator. Or you can upload them one at a time and create layers manually.
The fastest way is to prepare your image traits in a subfolder, like Background, Body, Hat, etc. Upload these subfolders by Drag & Drop at one time.


⚙️ Enter Project settings

Fill in your NFT Collectin details and the collection size that is needed to Generate your collection and generate the NFT Metadata.

🏞️ Sort layers in the correct order

Starting with the Background, then the body, and then the other traits in the correct order. You can drag the layer groups. You can also manually create new layer groups and upload more traits.

⚙️ Rarity settings

Change the rarity settings for each layer or trait to make specific traits more scarce. For example, when you have a Gold Fur for your Character, you can adjust the rarity so this layer will be less common.

🖼️ Generate the Collection

Now that all your layers are in the correct order and rarity is added. You can click on the Generatebutton. Once your collection is generated in seconds you can choose toRe-Generate, if you are not satisfied you can edit each layer manually and edit the traits for the generated images.

⬇️ Export Collection

When you are satisfied with your generated collection, you can Export your collection. Choose Image regulation and image format and proceed with exporting. This can take up to approximately 10 minutes for 10,000 collections. Small Free collections like 100 pieces are generated in seconds.

🚀 Your collection is ready!

Now your collection is downloaded, you can proceed to use images and metadata to create your NFT Smart Contract.