Pre-Built Contracts

Pre-built contracts are proxy contracts created for the most common use cases and established patterns for smart contracts.

  • Open source and free to deploy (excl. platform and gas fees)

  • There is no need for developers and coding.

  • Deploy with Ease: Pre-built contracts offer seamless deployment options, accessible via a user-friendly interface (dashboard).

  • Enjoy a super friendly dashboard designed to easily create and manage your contracts.

  • Rest assured that all deployed contracts remain under your full ownership.

  • Each pre-built contract undergoes auditing by experts, with audit reports provided. Additionally, ongoing bug programs ensure continuous security for both deployers and users.

  • Leveraging the proxy pattern, deploying pre-built contracts is 10x cheaper compared to non-proxy alternatives.

NFT Contracts​


The NFT Drop contract is perfect for releasing a collection of distinct NFTs using the ERC721A Standard. By default, NFT Drop supports Lazy Mint.

The NFT Collection contract ERC-721 is appropriate when you desire to possess a collection of unique NFTs without the intention of "dropping" or "releasing" them for your community to claim. So non-lazy mint.

More coming soon...

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