Create an allow list

πŸ”₯ Use Cases

  • Loyalty to reward your community at discounted prices

  • Reward users by guaranteed access to the Minting

  • Ensure to get real buyers and no bots

You can use the Whitelist to allow people to a specific minting phase and Mint with a discount.

πŸ“ Create allow list

Press the Create Access list to create a new list. Next, you can fill in all your details, like the name, description, and social media accounts.

πŸ€– Fill in the requirements

Now you can fill in the requirement, that is needed to allow users to sign up for the whitelist.

Here you can choose one or multiple requirements:

  • Require Crypto wallet

  • Require minimum balance

  • Require an Email

  • Required to follow Social media

  • Required to Join Discord

βš™οΈ How to Connect Discord

In case you want to require users to join your Discord. You need to add your Discord ID.

To Copy your Discord Server ID. Be sure you activated Developer mode.

  1. First Enable developer mode

  2. Click on the Server name and open Edit Server Profile

  3. Scroll down to Advanced and enable Developer Mode

  4. Right Click your server logo and Copy Server ID

Add Discord’s Role ID

  1. Go to the Server settings of your Discord by clicking your server logo and opening Server settings.

  2. Open Roles and Copy the ID of the roles you want to have once they join your Discord.

🎨 Add a custom logo or image

Go to the tab Design and upload a custom logo or image to show on your subscription page.

πŸ”₯ Premium options

When you have an active paid subscription, you can turn off the brand logo. And add connect a custom domain name.

  • Turn off the branding logo

  • Connect custom domain name

⬇️ Export & Import

To import users from an existing CSV file, you can import to our whitelist. Or add users manually by filling in their contract address. And of course, you can export your complete list. Upload this list to your Smart Contract provider.

πŸš€ Preview & Share

Share the allow list with your community to let them sign up before minting.

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