Upload files to IPFS

IPFS NFT upload involves minting a non-fungible token (NFT) and storing its associated media files on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), ensuring decentralized and immutable access to the content.

🏞ī¸ Upload files to IPFS using the dashboard

When creating a Smart Contract, the IPFS storage is automatically included.

📑 1. Create a Smart Contract

Deploy your NFT Smart Contract app.imintify.com/smart-contract. For more information, read the docs on how create a Smart Contract.

🏞ī¸ 2. Upload NFT images to IPFS

Once you have created your contract, go to the tab: NFTs

🆙 3. Start Uploading

Choose Single or Batch upload to start uploading

💧 Drag and drop your image files

Supported files .png .webp .gif .jpg .mp4 .csv or .json

Note: Please upload a folder containing all your NFT images and metadata file for each NFT or a single metadata file containing all your NFT metadata.

👀 4. Preview

Preview the uploaded NFT images and proceed.

🕑 5. Reveal type

Choose how you want to reveal your NFTs to your collectors.

  • Reveal upon Mint: Collectors will immediately see the final NFT image when they complete the minting.

  • Delayed Reveal: Collectors will mint your placeholder image, and then you will reveal it at a later time.

For delayed reveal, you need to set a password and don't lose this password. There is no recovery option.

🚀 6. Finalize NFTs on the Blockchain

Now, upload all the NFT images to the blockchain and sign the transaction to verify.

It can take some time to upload all the images to the blockchain for large collections, such as 10k or large files.

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