Create an NFT Marketplace

To deploy a Marketplace, you need to have your Smart Contract deployed and Minted all the NFTs you want to sell on the Marketplace. Best to use the NFT Collection contract for Marketplace purposes.

🚀 1. New Marketplace

Open the Marketplace app

Click on the button New Marketplace and fill in the Name + NFT Contract address.

⚙ī¸ Backend website details

Here you can fill in the general settings and details of your website, such as:

  • Domain name

  • Create Listing

  • Seo settings

🏞ī¸ 2. Create Listing

Move to the tab Listings and Create Listing make a selection of the NFTs you want to put on the Marketplace for sale and fill in the listing price, start date, and end date. Then press on Create Listing and Sign the transaction on the blockchain.

🎉 Your Marketplace is Live

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