Create NFT Smart Contract

Deploy your Smart Contract in just ✅ 3 Steps.

You can use the Smart Contract deployer for Free and without a subscription. But with a subscription, you will pay lower platform fees.

Open the Smart Contract deploy the app

Click on the button New Smart Contract and Choose contract type.

⚙️ Contract Metadata

Choose an image and fill in the Name, Symbol, and Description.

💰 Royalties

Fill in the receipt address and percentage of the Royalties. To receive a percentage of each sale an NFT will be sold.

NFT royalties are crypto payouts designed to proffer creators a cut of secondary sales of their digital collectibles

Fill in the Primary Sales receipt address, to this address all NFT Sales will be transferred.

A primary sale is the first sale of the NFT, when the NFT is sold by you, and then minted and delivered directly into the customer's wallet.

⚙️ Choose Network

Choose the Smart Contract Network you want to deploy your NFT Collection.

When you want to deploy on Testnet for Free, choose Goerli or Optimism. You can get free funds to pay the transaction fees read more.

✅ Deploy Contract

Click and Deploy your Contract to the Blockchain. Depending on the network you choose you need to pay a network Fee to complete the transaction and deployment of your Smart Contract. This will trigger a transaction to sign.

A transaction to sign with your wallet must be deployed on the Blockchain. In simple terms, a blockchain fee is a small amount of cryptocurrency users pay to complete a transaction on the blockchain network.

Learn more about Sign transactions on the blockchain and how to get Free test tokens.

🆙 2️. Upload NFT images

Move to the tab NFTs and choose Single or Bulk upload.

Now Drag and Drop or choose the upload button, to upload your folder Metadata and Images simultaneously. Read more information about, upload files to IPFS.

Please upload a folder containing all your NFT images and Metadata files for each NFT or a single metadata file containing all your NFT metadata.

🕑 Choose Reveal Type

  1. Reveal upon Mint: Collectors will immediately see the final NFT when they complete the minting.

  2. Delayed Reveal: Collectors will mint your placeholder image, and then you reveal it at a later time.

⏬ 3. Claim Conditions

Choose the claim conditions and start the Minting process.

To add a new claim phase:

  1. Go to the Tab Claim Conditions and click on the Add Phase button.

  2. Select your desired preset.

  3. Fill in the required fields:

    • Phase name

    • Start date

    • Number of NFTs in the phase

    • Number of NFTs that can be claimed per wallet

    • The cost per NFT & currency

  4. Click Save Phase to create the claim phase. This will trigger a transaction to sign.

You can add more phases if this is desirable. For example, start a Pre-sale for your users on the Allow / Whitelist at a discount. After starting the public phase for a normal price.

🎉 Your NFT Collection is ready to Mint!

You can proceed to create an NFT Website to make Minting available to the public.

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