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NFT Art Collection

The Perfect use case to use our platform for an NFT Collection in ✅ 6 Steps.

🖼️ 1. Create your NFT Art

To create an Art collection, you first need some Art. You have the following options.

🎨 Design your Art with an artist

You can ask an artist to draw you images or image layers.

⚙️ Generate your Art

You need to have Art Layers if you want to be able to use the NFT Generator. Generate an NFT Collection

🏞️ Create NFT images yourself

You can use the NFT Image Creator to upload your images, or you can use our trait library.

🌍 2. Create a Landing page website

To promote your upcoming collection, you can optionally create a Landing website.

📃 3. Create an Allow List

Collection users and let them sign up for the Whitelist. This list can be minted before the public at a discounted price. You can add this as a claim phase to your Smart Contract.

📝 4. Deploy a Smart Contract

Once you have your NFT Art and the optional Allow list, you can create a Smart Contract. Upload your NFTs, add your claim phases, and add to the blockchain.

🌏 5. Deploy a Minting Website

Now that your NFT is on the blockchain. You can add a Minting page to your NFT landing page to make it a Minting website. If you want to skip the landing page, create a new website.

🎙️ 6. Marketing

You only have to promote your NFT Collection to the public.