AI NFT Image Generator

With the AI Image generator you can Create NFT images from text to image.

đŸ–ŧī¸ Choose a Style

Choose the style of your NFT images you want to generate with AI

🤖 Select a Model

Choose your Model and how you want AI to create your image.

✍ī¸ Describe your image

Describe your NFT art creation in detail.

Examples of prompts you can use:

Style: No/ default style Model: Default Prompt: Anime girl in white long gown under blue water magical

Model: 3D Animation Prompt: 8k portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, majestic, digital photography, art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree, broken glass, (masterpiece, sidelighting, finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2), hdr,

Model: 3D Animation Prompt: red dragonborn, male, horns, solo, scales, armor, tail, shoulder armor, pauldrons, portrait, closed mouth, black background , ((masterpiece, best quality)), art by greg rutkowski lora:dragonborn_offset:1

Exclude: BadDream, FastNegativeV2

🚀 Deploy as NFT or Export as image

You can export the images as NFT images + Metadata included. Or you can deploy as NFT on the blockchain.

To deploy on the Blockchain, you need to connect with your wallet so you can create the Smart Contract. Follow the steps of the Smart Contract creator to deploy on the blockchain.

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