Connect custom Domain

Connect your own custom domain to your NFT Website or other services.

🔗 Set a custom Domain

Head to the Domain tab of the service. In this example, we use the NFT website domain.

You need a subscription to use custom domains. The Free version only supports subdomains of iMintify.

🌏 Connect Domain provider

You must register your custom domain at a domain register such as Godaddy, Transip, or others.

Log in to your domain provider and go to DNS Settings. You have the following options to connect your domain:

  • A Record

  • CNAME Record

  • Nameserver

Create a new DNS record with the following settings:

🌏 Connect your Subdomain

In case you want to connect your subdomain instead of your root www/non-www domain, you can use the settings below:

Replace the name subdomain to your subdomain. In this case, it will be

🎉 Your Domain has been connected!

Now, your custom domain is connected to your new NFT Website.

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