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The Visual Builder

👁️ What is the Visual Builder?

The best Visual NFT website builder to build your pages on the front end of your website. What is the Visual NFT website builder? The iMintify builder comes in two forms: The Back-end builder and the Front-end builder ” Visual Builder”.
The Visual Builder is used for the following products:
  • NFT Minting website
  • NFT Website Template
  • NFT Gated website

🎨 The Visual Builder Basics

The power of our easy-to-edit Visual Builder is the drag-and-drop functionality. This allows you to build any type of website by adding and editing content blocks.
You have three build options to start: Templates, Page components blocks, and Modules. With this combination, you will have countless possibilities.


With a template, you can select a complete pre-made template. And edit the elements to your needs with your preferred colors and content.

Page components

Page components will be placed inside a page. You can place any number of rows inside a page. There are many different page components you can choose from. These are pre-made building blocks to create a visual website. Just click, edit, and drag and drop where you want to place the block.


Modules are the extra features you can activate from the backend editor and use within the visual editor, such as a Mint button, NFT Gateway, and Marketplace.

🏗️ Build your First Page

Click on Create a website and Choose a template or start blank to work with Page elements blocks.

Adding your first Page element

Move your mouse over the page and click on Insert a Page component. You can choose from a list with pre-made website elements.

Configuring Page components

When you move your mouse over the block, you see in the right corner an Edit component. When you click on the edit button, you can change all settings for that element. Here you can edit design settings like paddings, margin, background, colors, fonts, and more.

Saving your new Page

Click on the purple button at the bottom. This will show the page option, you can now click on the gear icon. You will find there are options to Save and Publish.

🎑 Pre-made Templates / Layouts

We offer great pre-made templates. This will save you a lot of time. We already built the website for you. You only have to edit the content blocks.