Create an NFT Gated website

Gain access by using your an NFT at your NFT Gated website.

đŸ”Ĩ Use Cases

  • Using NFTs to access exclusive content or products

  • Using NFTs for event ticketing

🌏 1. Create an NFT Website

First Create your NFT Website if you already have created an NFT Website you can skip this step.

Create an NFT website

Connect your Smart Contract address

Under the General settings of the website, you can add or choose an existing Smart Contract contract. This needs to be the NFT Smart Contract you want to give access to the Gateway.

  1. Add the Contract Address

  2. Select Network

  3. Add or connect ABI

And press 💾 Save Website to save the selected Smart Contract. Read the docs Connect Smart Contract for more info.

☑ī¸ Enable the NFT Gateway

Then you are able to enable the NFT Gateway.

  1. Go to the Gateway Tab

  2. Enable Gateway

  3. Choose Pages to activate NFT Gate

🎉 NFT Gate is now active!

When users visit your website or specific page they need to have an NFT of your chosen collection to enter.

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